The book features illustrations by the children of Aseema Charitable Trust. Aseema Charitable Trust is a Mumbai-based NGO working for the rights of underprivileged children – particularly the Right to Education. Set up in 1997, it has reached out to over 3000 children living on the streets, in slum communities and in extremely challenging circumstances. Aseema works in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to create centres of excellence within the public education system.

These are a few of the illustrations you will find inside the book.

This is what the illustrators are doing today:

Ashish Gaikwad

Is a gifted artist and learns very quickly. Once you introduce him to a style of art, he adds his own elements to it and creates multiple art works while other children are still on their first painting. Ashish also studied cinema and theatre while at Aseema and developed a passion for film making. He made a short film of his own which caught the eye of celebrated film makers. He was awarded a full scholarship to study film making at Whistling Woods Institute and is currently specializing in editing.

Sameer Sayed

Sameer is currently studying in Standard VII in a municipal school supported by Aseema. He is a bright student. He loves Sports and Computers.

Rajesh Jadiyar

All through his school years, Rajesh loved learning art. To contribute to his family income, he started working part time as well. He showed a keen interest in motor mechanics and attended a vocational training programme where he did very well. He now looks forward to working in this field.

Laxmi Poonam

Laxmi is currently studying Arts at Sophia College. She aspires to be a teacher.

Anshu Dubey & Roshni Jadhav

Anshu & Roshni are studying at St. Andrews College. They work part time to supplement their family income.

Reshma Bamaniya

Reshma now plans to pursue higher education in the Arts stream. She is interested in studying Home Science and Catering in the future.

Mohan Gaddam & Avinash Pekada

Mohan & Avinash – the best of friends and both quiet boys with an aptitude for art. While they completed their schooling, they have never been academically inclined. Both want to pursue a degree in art. They are in the process of preparing a portfolio of work and hoping to get a scholarship.

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